Property in Malta, more than a real estate investment

We understand that relocating your family or business in Malta is a huge step. Relocating to Malta tends to be based on the advantages that Malta has to offer from it’s geographical position, tax incentives, education and other government programmes. Malta also offers a vibrant lifestyle, rich culture and excellent weather.

Malta’s business - friendly tax structure and sunny Mediterranean climate have attracted international buyers for several years. Prices have been rising steadily by more than 10% annually for the past two years. The rental market has also exploded in these two years and a lot of foreign international clients are buying properties as an investment. Malta is benefiting from the Individual Investor Programme which offers a path to Malta citizenship to investors willing to make a minimum contribution and investment totalling 1.15 million euros including buying or leasing property. This means full European Union citizenship since Malta is a full member of the European Union. Here at Prism and Mosaic we are known for relocating international clients to Malta and have a vast array of property types in all areas. Feel free to contact us on for an appointment or for further information.


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